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We Co., Ltd.  It mainly produces and sells all types of medical device products, including disposable protective face mask, N95 protective face mask, disposable medical face mask, disposable medical surgical face mask, and medical N95 face mask. The investment scale will reach 10 million, with a daily output of 100,000 disposable medical masks and a daily output of 20,000 medical N95 face mask.The company has introduced domestic and foreign advanced equipment production equipment and quality testing tools, as well as a production workshop with a standard of 100,000 level or more. It has professional management personnel, technical research personnel and a strong sales team.In order to more effectively ensure the safety and effectiveness of the product and improve the company's ability to compete in domestic and foreign markets, experts and professors from Hunan Province have been hired as medical and technical consultants for our products. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "integrity management, good morals" and dedicated to the society with the best products and services.Facing the opportunities and challenges brought about by the ever-changing medical form, jneyl Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. will seize the opportunities, face the challenges bravely, be guided by market demand, ensure product quality as the core, operate with integrity, make significant contributions to the development of medical services.
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